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Vincenzo Innocente
I would like to write a few words about me as a golf professional.
I started to have a golf club in my hands when I was four.

In Singapore where my dad played in a British military 9 hole golf course.

He brought me often to the driving range.

Yes, I was born in Singapore in 1959.
I lived in south east Asia for many years.

Since then I did not stop playing.

During my teens I was a capable amateur doing well in many tournaments.
I became a professional at a very young age and decided to try the Asian tour. But my talent was not as good as my fellow competitors. Some great names where Vijay Singh, Bernard Langer, Sam Torrance and many many more. This was in the late 70’s middle of the 80’s.
Understanding my limits I decided to start being a teaching professional and I wanted to become a good one. After passing my Italian PGA test and working under my mentor Ugo Grappasonni and Donato Di Ponziano for a few years I decided to go to the USA, where I think is the only place in the world to meet and learn from the best coaches .
I had the fortune to meet Paul Ryanan , Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Bob Rotella.
This period was really an eye opener for me. Making me realize that technique is not the only tool to improve your game.
But a combination of knowledge, how to comunicate to who is listening and learning. How to use proper voice tone and words. Psychology was very important.
Most important of all was to develop a system where words can be transformed in a body sensation.
I had the opportunity to meet top players in the world , exchange there feelings as a player, get better insights on how to work on the range and bring these feelings on the golf course.
I had the opportunity to do golf clinics with Luke Donald, Padraig Harrington, Paula Laurie, Matteo Manassero,Fuzzy Zoeller ( which I followed for many tournaments in 1991 in the USA). All gave me further information to make me realise that there is no one common swing for everyone, but you must create the best for each individual.
I have worked in 3 continents USA( Houston, San Diego & Las Vegas ) , in South East Asia ( Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia) , in Europe ( all over Italy, Germany and Spain).
As years went by I realized that technique is not the only way , so 15 years ago I started to study human anatomy and how it works is a golf swing. That is when I started to understand biomechanics.
Biomechanics is a scientific way to understand animals and plants how they move correctly in nature.
Thanks to biomechanics I can prevent injuries, understand depending on age , physical possibilities of the person what she or he can do in a golf swing.
To help in this i use apparatus and technology that gives me exact data to give the best lesson and programming possible for the player.
I have also created an easy way of understanding difficult theories for the pupil to practice.
Like I said before transforming a words into a body sensation that can be easily repeated.
That is why I have called my teaching method : FEEL THE SWING , where thinking is a way to create muscle tension and has to be substituted by trusting your body sensations.
Feel the swing the real way to learn and play.
portrait of Vincenzo

Portrait of Vincenzo done by Zainuddin in Malaysia

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Biomechanics is the branch of biophysics which studies human body movement as a whole, and in particular, the study and analysis of:

• The distribution of bone stress
• Joint movements
• Muscular activation during various movements and the maintenance of correct posture

Through biomechanics, it is possible to examine the effects of internal and external forces that intervene in the musculoskeletal system of the golfer, either during movement or at rest.

My concept of teaching or transmitting FEEL THE SWING in Bobby Jones words:

"Even if a person may not have begun to play golf at an early age, I believe that he may gain much by emphasizing naturalness in his learning processes. I think he has the right to convince himself that an effective golf swing can be made without rigid adherence to a prescribed routine and that there is room for differences in physical structure and capabilities. No matter how nearly equal in performance the top-rank players may be, yet they are as recognizable by their swings as by their faces."
Bobby Jones
"What the average golfer needs more than fine spun theories, is something that will give him a clearer conception of what he should try to do with the clubhead... When we speak of sound method or good form, we mean nothing more than that the possessor of either has simplified his swing to the point where errors are less likely to creep in and he is able consistently to bring his club against the ball in the correct hitting position."
Bobby Jones